How having a cat improves your life

How having a cat improves your life

1.Good for your mental health

Owning a cat contributes to making your life better. They can distract the negative thoughts at the end of a bad day by focusing on them, playing, feeding, petting and cuddling with these furry creatures. Cats also give unconditional love. They’re routine is a source of establishing yourself somehow. Having a cat around lowers your anxiety, eases the feeling of loneliness, helps you relax and sleep at night.

2.They’ll make you develop new habits :

As a cat owner, I can tell the difference of habits I have grown. You will develop a cat attitude such as being alerted, chance seeker, attentive and sense of observation. However, you may also become needy, sassy and hungry most of the time.

3.Pest free house :

Cats are gifted with the hunting instinct, even if they are domestic. Feeding your cat won’t  stop it from catching a prey that they may or may not eat. They can even bring it to the owner as a gift. I hope you appreciate it!

4.Perfect pet for an apartment:

Cats are allowed in apartments because they are quiet. These cute creatures are the most intelligent house pets, they learn quickly and take care of themselves most of the time by grooming, and that saves you time and energy.

5.They are the cutest creatures :

Just look at this!

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