How to start painting as a hobby?

How to start painting as a hobby?

Painting is considered one of the most prestigious fine arts in the world be it from the 17 th century until modern time it gave us paintings like Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and renowned figures like Picasso and so on. It involves expressing one’s inner thoughts and feelings, and it’s also a skill that anyone can learn with practice and training and thus become creative in it.

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Painting and drawing have many benefits such as, improving creativity and imagination, improving memory, releasing stress, it also has a positive effect on the soul and helps to get rid of negative energy. You become more observant of the details, changing your perspective and the way you analyze things .


To start drawing, it is better to learn with the least means and tools, with focusing on skill development. For example, you begin by drawing simple shapes, outlines and silhouette, drawing things upside down, then learning the basics of shadow and light because it helps to form objects in a realistic way, and with this you will need to learn the coloring techniques ; dark areas with dark colors to determine the shade and light. And to discover colors, create a color wheel or color palette and learn color theory: combine colors and write the concentration of each color . This will help you in coloring and know the color tones to represent the shapes in a good way .


Here are some tips to improve your drawing skills:

  • You must allocate time for training and drawing a lot to get impressive results. It is not important to draw for long hours, but it is good to draw 10 to 15 minutes every day to acquire a new skill.
  • Read about art schools and drawing styles
  • Visual feeding is one of the most important tools of the painter and designer to develop ideas through saturation with visual arts and their perception, analyzing them and then drawing inspiration for new ideas by watching and following the work of professional artists and those with great specialization in any field, inspiring some new ideas from their work, or similar ideas to them, but in a different way.

Finally, you should always stay motivated about what you are doing and if you don’t succeed at the first time or even twice try again !

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