What’s in the box?

What’s in the box?

That’s not the title of the movie that we are going to review, but rather the memorable ending line and the unsolved question  from the infamous movie ”Seven” .

Seven is a thriller movie that was released 1995 directed by David Fincher and stars Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt and Gwenth Paltrow, and if you aren’t familiar with “the divine comedy:Inferno” of Dante Alligiri before the movie, you will be after watching it.

While inferno “hell” to Dante is a dark hot place,hell to Fincher is a cloudy rainy unknown american city, where we first see ,soon to retire, detective William Somerset(Morgan Freeman), than we met his young, new to job partner, detective David Mills(Brad Pitt), William is old, wise fellow who have seen it all and wants a way out, while David is young, reckless and wants a way in this new city to him and his new office.

In their investigation of several murders, the two detectives discovered a pattern, that doesn’t only shows that they are dealing with a serial killer but a one whose murders are inspired by the seven deadly sins, meanwhile David’s wife Tracy forms a good friendship with William and trust him with decisions she can’t yet make especially that she hates the city that they are all living in now, by the end of the movie David, Tracy and William has completed the seven sins puzzle that John Doe(Kevin Spacey)has started.

Though the movie was just the second experience of David Fincher as a director, it was well perceived by both the audience and the crowd and got four awards out of nine nominations.

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